A comparison between the text and film versions of cinderella

As a closure activity, ask students to share why they think some of the elements are different and whether it is important for movies to remain identical to the novels on which they are based.

Finally, they left for the ball and Ashchenputtel was alone. Tested by his sister, she alone of all the village maidens is found worthy. The return of Jaq and Gus!! As custom dictates that the women celebrate separately, the prince can only glimpse Settareh.

Pass out copies of the Thinking Critically about a Movie Adaptation: Fortunately, the prince loves a mess just as much as she does. The earlier Cinderella, in many of her original forms, was not a wishing-only kind of person.

Have students share their observations with the class. The stepsisters won the beauty contest and prepared to go by having Aschenputtel do everything for them.

All of the familiar elements—wicked stepmother, mean stepsister, carriage, gown, and lost slipper—are here, but they are perked with the color and spice of the islands.

Guide students to explore elements such as placement of text and what words are featured or downplayed; color choices; choice of images; placement of images; and the like.

Helped by the animals in the field, she is dressed in fine clothes to go to a party at the palace, and a lost shoe brings her together with the prince. Imagine that Cinderella is big, hairy, and, well. Other students will see the same change as trivial, but feel it was a poor choice.

The heroine, Arcia, is kind to a hawk and receives the reward of a glowing star on her forehead, and, ultimately, the love of the prince, while her stepsisters, who are spiteful and treacherous to the bird, are disfigured.

Cinderella, despite her popularity, has developed a reputation as a simpering, whimpering girl who is helpless until the right magic comes along. She went to her magic tree and wished for gold and silver to cover her, and this vague wish was granted with gown and slippers of silver and gold.

Told in dialect, this is the story of Rose, who must contend with stepmother Gertie and her daughters, Annie and Liza Jane.

Disney vs. Grimm

As students complete the charts, collect them for informal feedback, focusing on comments that will help students strengthen their analytical skills.

This witty treatment of the familiar tale has an obvious message. Edna has saved her money and educated herself, and she is ready for anything. He searches for, and finds, the girl. Let me know if that does not work, or if you would like a copy in a different format. What do you think of this version?

Make a chart of the differences and similarities in versions of the Cinderella stories. The contrast was revealing. Have students use their planning documents to transfer their ideas to the DVD Cover Creator interactive.

And only the beautiful girls were invited. However, I do use a ghost of this story in the prequel to my Cinderella story.

Ask students to rank their responses in terms of their overall enjoyment of the film on the Thinking Critically about a Movie Adaptation: A Cinderella Story from China.

If possible, preview the DVD Cover Creator interactive on a projector so students understand their choices for templates in both Cover and Booklet modes. However, Ashenputtel called the birds to pluck the beans out of the ashes and she presented them triumphantly.

Cover to Cover: Comparing Books to Movies

How do they capture the mood? Session Four Explain that students will be create a new DVD cover for the movie adaptation the class has viewed. Ella has no one to turn to, and believes that the mice that live in her attic understand her and help her.

A Cinderella Tale from the Jewish Tradition.Jan 27,  · I mentioned last time the difference between the original written version of Cinderella and the Disney version of Cinderella.

In this one we’re discussing the combination of the original Cinderella AND the Disney version versus the live-action Disney Cinderella. Since fairy tales have been known to reflect on its society we can examine the changes that occurred between two versions of the same tale and see the advances that have been made in society.

We see Danielle as a much stronger, independent and more influential than the classic Cinderella.

Cinderella Essay | Essay

Billy Beg of Ireland is just one of many of these versions of the story. Cinderella, despite her popularity, has developed a reputation as a simpering, whimpering girl who is helpless until the right magic comes along.

Multicultural Cinderella Stories

Gr. 1–3. Capturing the flavor of the culture, this Southeast Asian tale has a quiet beauty in text and image and includes.

Aschenputtel – the Brothers Grimm Cinderella

Help your students better grasp important CCSS by using the well known text of Cinderella. The set includes graphic organizers and suggested vocabulary lists for Fairytales Comparison Chart - I like the colors separating the stories!

Cinderella in the Classroom~unit on different versions of Cinderella. Students will compare/contrast various versions of the Cinderella story using think-pair-share, story element charting, carousel brainstorming, and semantic feature analysis.

Students will think critically and hold grade-level appropriate dialogue about complex texts read aloud. Cover to Cover: Comparing Books to Movies. They analyze the differences between the two versions by citing specific adaptations in the film version, indicating the effect of each adaptation on the story, and deciding if they felt the change had a positive effect on the overall story.

Grades 6–8 Book and Film List: This text list.

A comparison between the text and film versions of cinderella
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