Analysis 1 doctor in the house

Gordon worked as anaesthetist at St. The most frequent are similes and the most important are following: Gordon and his student-colleagues. Then the narrator depicts the procedure of the exams which consists of two parts: Besides the basic theme the text touches upon many very important secondary themes: With slow scraping feet that could be heard before they appeared the Secretary and the porters came solemnly down the stairs.

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A clock tingled twelve in the distance. A single invigilator sat in his gown and hood on a raised platform to keep an eye open for flagrant cheating.

The author proves to be a real master. The general slant of the text, judging from the peculiar usage of epithets and metaphors with intentionally tragic coloring towards common life situations is comic.

Richard Gordon is the pen name used by Gordon Ostlere, an English surgeon and anaesthetist.

The main character is medical student R. It is devoted to the final examinations at the medical institution.

Detailed analysis of the text Doctor in the house

More Essay Examples on Metaphor Rubric The events in the text refer to the real world and the author seeks to judge the text subjectively. It was like having a severe accident. The main idea conveyed by the author may be expressed as: He left medical practice in and started writing his "Doctor" series.

This particular extract of the book gives us the idea of uncontrollable force impersonated by examinations against the student whose fate is in their hands.

It is told in the first person, so called entrusted narration, from the viewpoint of the medical student who is getting ready to pass his final examinations.

The author uses numerous thematic words, such as: If to look at the text from the other point, we may notice that it is written in the 1st person narration: However the real answer here is with the hero himself, struggling against his lack of self-confidence which marks the inner conflict and the unfairness of life The type of conflict here is Person and Self.

At the end learn that he passed the exams. The author uses such stylistic devices as simile in the fragments:Sleep analysis. Dr Rangan monitors James's heart rate and breathing through the night to discover if he has a possibly life-threatening sleep disorder.

Doctor in the House. “Doctor in the House” by R. Gordon Analysis of the text “W.S.” The text under analysis is an extract from a short story “W.S.” by Leslie Poles Hartley, a well-known British novelist and short story writer best-known for his novels which include “Eustace and Hilda” trilogy () and “The Go-Between” ().

Analysis of Doctor in the House written by R. Gordon.

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Detailed analysis of the text Doctor in the house - docx

Analysis of Doctor in the house This text is an extract from the book “Doctor in the house” written by Richard Gordon - Analysis of Doctor in the house introduction.

He was born in Text Analysis “Doctor in the House” (Richard Gordon) 1. The author of the story is Richard Gordon.

It is the pen name used by Gordon Ostlere (born Gordon Stanley Ostlere on 15 September ), an English surgeon and anesthetist.

“Doctor in the House” is a story written by Richard Gordon; it is the pen name used by Gordon Ostlere – he was an English surgeon, anaesthetist and an assistant editor of the British Medical Journal.

Analysis of Doctor in the house Essay

He left medical practice in and started writing his "Doctor" series.

Analysis 1 doctor in the house
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