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It will liquify if shaken vigorously. A door keeps things like wind and bugs out from coming inside, a door also saves you from losing cool air in the summer and heat in the winter. There are multiple things that can be analogous to a cell wall.

Just like DNA does. Nucleus could be customer service since it is like the "control center" Endoplasmic Reticulum can be the hallways of the mall since they are like "passageways" Cell wall could be security guards that surround the mall and "protect" Chloroplasts can be the food court since it "produces food for the cell" Lysosome can be the garbage cans since its the "garbage disposal of the cell" Vacuole can be the storage room for the janitors since it "stores" things 33 people found this useful What are animal cells and plant cells?

The microfilaments would be the employees because they are what get the mall "in motion", just like the microfilaments get the cell in motion. The cell membrane would be the security guard because it controls what goes in and out of the cell.

A biology teacher may compare organelles to theorgans in the human body for example. A plant cell has the capability of re-generating it self from a single cell. What are some analogies for cell parts? Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

What is a good analogy for cell membrane? What do animal cells have that plant cells do not?

What are animal cells and plant cells?

An analogy of a nucleus is that it is like a brain. If the cell were a shopping mall, the nucleus would be the owner of the mall because he controls what happens in the mall.

Animal cells have three organelles which are not in plant cells: Also it helps the cell to stay alive with out the cytoplasm the cell could not survive. The cell is like a volleyball court Cytoplasm is made up Cell analogy mall proteins and molecules for it to survive.

It has the texture and all of the organelles just float there inside of it. The golgi apparatus would be the trash cans that transport materials out of the shopping mall. Flagellum - act in self-propulsion or also called locomotion How is a plant cell like an analogy to a football team?

There are a great many different analogies for cell parts that areused to teach. What do animal cells have that plant cells do not have?

What is a school analogy for a cell wall? Would you like to merge this question into it? The endoplasmic reticulum would be the elevator and the escalator because it transports people from one end of the mall to the other just like the endoplasmic reticulum moves molecules from one part of the cell to the other.

Example of an analogy of a plant cell? You could also use something like a cell phone or television. Cytoplasm is the inside of a cell. An analogous comparison is one that allows someone to relate a likeness to something from something completely different.

Like the nucleus is the head coach because it is the powerhouse to control everything and everyone around it. An analogy for cilia could be a group ofpeople supporting a crowd surfer. The mitochondria would be the stores of the shopping mall because it excites the shoppers and brings them in just like the mitochondria gives energy to the cell.

What is the cell analogy of a volleyball court? Usually people say a cell is like a factory.Start studying Cell Analogies - Relating to Mall. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Most people usally choose the mall for an analogy of a mall for a animal cell since you can find many objects/items in a mall.

Cell Membrane – The cell membrane protects the inside of the cell from outside containments, keeps the cell in contact and maintains its shape. This relates to mall security guards. They’re job is to protect the mall, make sure everything is intact and everybody is safe. Cell Analogy of a Mall By: Megan Dowd Cell Walls Cell walls are located outside of the plasma membrane.

They provide support and protection for the cell. The cell wall is a rigid structure. In a mall the cell walls would be the walls around the mall. The walls around the give support and structure to the mall, just like cell walls do to the cell.

What are some analogies for the cytoplasm of a cell?

Cell Membrane- The cell membrane is the entrance doors because it can control what goes in and out Ribosomes- The ribosomes are the food in the food court ER- The ER is the shopping bags, because things can be stored in them.

1. If the cell were a shopping mall, the nucleus would be the owner of the mall because he controls what happens in the mall. 2. The ribosomes would be the shoppers because the shoppers' money keeps the mall "alive", just like the ribosomes keeps the cell alive by creating the proteins fo it.

Cell analogy mall
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