Contents of chapter 3-research paper

The background characteristics collected from respondents enables answering the research questions on differences in practice and opinions on the future of advertising in the hospitality sector according to age, gender and experience Note that there are several ways of writing Chapter 3 and the following is a suggestion on the sub-sections to include.

Use an existing instrument which is available commercially - example is the well-known Eysenck Personality Test Adapt an existing instrument to meet your needs - describe in detail how you adapted the instrument.

This section should exhibit a clear understanding of what makes your study significant and why it should be conducted. Focus only on what you employed and implemented in your study. You should include the following in this sub-section: Chapter 3 should be written like a "recipe" so that someone who wants to replicate or adopt your methodology can do so with minimum confusion.

In short, Chapter 1 describes why the research question is being asked and Chapter 3 describes how the research question is answered.


A pilot-study was conducted with 3 senior managers and were interviewed at their workplace. The strength of the case study method is because it allows for the examination of the phenomenon in depth using various kinds of evidence obtained from interviews with those involved, direct observation of events and analysis of documents and artifacts Yin, However, participants were allowed the freedom to talk about their experiences in a way in which they were comfortable If the employee feels they are not compensated for their work, they may tend to decrease in being productive in their work Statistical Analysis Provide a clear description of the statistical process used for analysis of data.

There were 12 potential participants, of whom seven participated in the study. Instead, rewrite with a different emphasis. Significance of the Study As part of the purpose of the study, there should be justification for conducting the project. The issue of sampling can be quite confusing in qualitative research.

As the researcher was the main data collection instrument, the pilot-study provided an insight into phenomenon studied, increased experience in interviewing as well as enhanced interpersonal skills.

How did you arrange the setting to ensure the level of quiet, intimacy and privacy. As the researcher was the main data collection instrument, the pilot-study provided an insight into phenomenon studied, increased experience in interviewing as well as enhanced interpersonal skills.

Chapter Three Methods The methods section is the section that should clearly present each aspect of the process by which the study will be completed. Did you make available the Questionnaire online [such as through Survey Monkey]?

How many instruments were used?

WRITING CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY [for Quantitative Research]

Interviews were conducted based on questions listed in Interview Guide see Appendix C. The literature review should collectively support the process and purpose of the study.

A pilot-study was conducted with 3 senior managers and were interviewed at their workplace. Some of the sections may be a repetition of Chapter 1 such as the Research question and Hypotheses.

A theoretical framework as applicable to the field of study may be included here. What are Examiners Looking for in a Thesis? Generally, you have 3 options: If you found as a result of your study that another topic should be looked at in order to offer more insight into this topic, then suggest that at this time.

Did you administer the Questionnaire to the sample by assembling them in one location [such as a classroom, auditorium and so forth]? What are the sections? The pilot test will assist the researcher in determining if there are flaws, limitations, or other weaknesses within the interview design and enable the researcher to make necessary revisions prior to the implementation of the study.

Letters of permission to conduct the study. Give a step by step narrative description how you conducted the entire analysis of your data.

They are widely used as a key tool for conducting management research and obtaining information about opinions, perceptions and attitudes.

For example, if you are using interviews for the first time, it would advisable for you to conduct interview as a pre-exercise to get used to the type of data collection. Subjects This section should identify the process for selection, recruitment, and delineation of the subject pool used for your study.

Delimitations, Limitations, and Assumptions A brief statement identifying the delimitations, limitations, and assumptions associated with your study should be provided.

PILOT-TEST Some experts suggest that pilot-tests are not important for qualitative research while others suggest it would be useful for novice researchers to do pilot-test. There should be a concise statement of purpose provided in this section. The main objective of this study was to assess the impact of performance-related pay on motivation of employees.66 Chapter 3: Research Methodology Introduction Research methodology is basically a portmanteau.

It is the correlation of the two that makes up a significant part of the most important field of scientific research and technology.

As it is indicated in the title, this chapter includes the research methodology of the dissertation. In more details, in this part the author outlines the research strategy, the research method, the research approach, the methods of data collection, the selection of the sample, the research process, the type of data analysis, the ethical considerations and the research limitations of the project.

CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY independent variables of subject/content area, institution, gender, and years of faculty experience. The purpose of the student assessment was to evaluate the computer competencies of students entering a post.

Writing Chapter 3 Chapter 3: Methodology (Quantitative) Components of Chapter 3 •Participants •Instruments •Procedures Design •Data Analysis •Limitations. Future or Paste tense? •Concept Paper and Proposals Future Tense •Final Report Past Tense.

Participants •Target population and the sample that you will use for generalizing. Chapter Two: Literature Review: The author should provide a breakdown of sub-topics influencing the processes of the research project. Each sub-topic should contain a thorough examination of the literature that influences or is representative of current research on that sub-topic.

Writing Chapters 4 & 5 of the Research Study Teran Milford, PhD March 27, Consistency of hypothesis/research questions between Chapters 1, 3, and 4.

Are the analyses consistent with what was proposed in Chapter 3? Present the Data 1. Present the result of each test in statistical format and.

Contents of chapter 3-research paper
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