Esaka re write a sentence

Awaiting removal to Baramba Mission Station. Escaped from Lock Hospital, Rockhampton, now in Emerald district. Hull River on release from Brisbane Jail.

Queensland Woollen man advise commandeering of Mill by military authorities. Threatening proceedings unless gins allowed to remain with their husbands there, as no notice to termination of agreement was given.

Recommend 8 old Aborigines be transferred to Barambah.

Deserting and stealing a dinghy. Recommend removal to a settlement for committing tribal murder. That her removal be withheld at present. Rosey Ching Maryborough B Koudia. That he be brought under control more fully. At present serving one month for assaulting a gin H Macauley, an inveterate drunkard, to Barambah Absconsion of 5 Aborigines from Barambah.

Rations while awaiting removal to Baramba. Order for removal of aborigines to MonaMona for their own benefit dated He has reformed Annie Jackson. Queensland Removals - Further information added. That he be sent to a Hospital instead of Barambah as he is suffering from Venereal in an advanced stage.

Recommend remission of balance of sentence of 4 months and removal to Taroom James Turner.

Asks whether she could be admitted to Diamantina Nellie. Taroom Molly Myers and 4 children Sent to Baramba on Six more to Hull River.

Further re half-caste and her child being taken away by Police Coolwell family.

That Mrs Warnes is in the family way to Alf Chillie, and that he be released from Taroom to marry her i. Suffering from hereditary syphilis. Post is Removal Orders section of the Register.Queensland Removals - (Reasons Added) This is a work in progress which will hopefully combine references to removals from all the resources I have.

Esaka re write a sentence
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