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His work is no less controversial than the French film critics who "discovered" film noir. What effect did the Hayes Code have on these films in terms of content and portrayal? Many will insist that there is no need to make the film conform to the source. Server, Lee, et al.

What do you think of the narrative structures of the novel and the film? What about the dialogue, especially the "snappy" dialogue that is such a prominent mark of film noir? Reading Discussion The fundamental question concerning "film noir" is one of sources.

These can be difficult questions to answer because the film constantly like much of film noir calls our attention to the ambiguity of behavior. In the case of Double Indemnity we have an example of a fine detective novelist James N.

Judgment Day" that arguably contain elements of film noir. Most of the night scenes are shot in a scheme called "Day for Night" cf. French thinkers have a long history of attempting to understand America, beginning with Alexis de Tocqueville, whose visit to the US in the early 19th century served as the basis of his interpretations of the American national spirit.

Wilder and Chandler wrote the screenplay together.

In the case of "film noir" we always begin with the question: Kathie is one of the great femme fatales and Jeff a prototypical noir hero. The San Francisco scenes involving the accountant are confusing at first.

Let us begin, then, not with what it is or even if it is, but trace its use. Add to this the fact that the center section of the narrative is almost impossible to follow.

But this is perhaps the wrong question. But most often we are interested in seeing what gets translated, whether certain novelistic effects can be reproduced on screen, whether characters and dialogue are translatable or to put it more generally what changes and what remains the same.

Unit 2 Interactive Assignment 1: What about the characters? What is a "form" and how are the two different? Does Kathie have any redeeming traits? Do the observations in this essay conform to your own understanding? What do you think of Phyllis Dietrickson in the novel and in the film?

So the question then becomes: This collection of academic essays looks at film noir from a feminist perspective. We perceive these characters having thoughts, feelings, and qualities that they hold in reserve. Is there loss or change of meaning in the translation? Is the film a good translation of the meaning of a novel or play?

The Movie Book of Film Noir. Interactive Assignment 2 I have commented briefly on the textual character of film noir. These sources are multiple. Watching a film is an entirely different experience than reading a novel. The Big Book of Noir.

It also includes many black and white photographs. Film Discussion When comparing novel to film there are several questions that need be asked: They appear undefined upon casual viewing.

Reading Discussion Definitions are as difficult as they are necessary. In the essay you have just read, you have discovered that the term was invented by French film critics to explain something they saw in American films after WW II.

Characters and events have to be expurgated. Collections of Essays Below is a list of collections of critical essays and articles written about film noir and available in the UNC library system. Is it a style?"High Heels on Web Pavement: Film Noir and the Femme Fatale" by Michael Mills.

No Place for a Woman: The Family in Film Noir and Other Essays by John Blaser. Essays on Film Noir Film Noir Studios features some great reading by essayist John Blaser. This site offers numerous, insightful pieces and is a great resource for noir students and fans alike.

Berkeley's Noir Essays are a great collection of noir articles. This essay Film Noir is available for you on Essayscom! Search Term Papers, College Essay Examples and Free Essays on Essayscom - full papers database.

Search Term Papers, College Essay Examples and Free Essays on Essayscom - full papers database.4/4(1). Film Noir and more Film Noir Essay Duong Nguyen Film and Fiction Study Essay 1 After making several researches about noir film, I know that noir film is a cinematic term from French translated literally as black film.

Film Noir: The Big Sleep - Film Noir is a genre of distinct and unique characteristics. Mostly prominent in the 40s and 50s, the genre rarely skewed from the skeletal plot to which all Film Noir pictures follow.

Film noir was an important innovation of cinema that had a lasting influence on both cinema past and present and the motion picture industry as a whole/5(9).

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