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Short films, holiday lectures, virtual labs, and classroom resources Science News for Students — Science news on atoms and forces, earth and sky, humans and health, life, tech, math, and more.

The New York Times: Problems are created by people all over the world, including olympiad champions and university professors. This is a really cool site where kids can create myths and legends, cartoon style. Gifted and talented youngsters need to be engaged and even challenged in order to reach their full educational potential.

Rewriting the ending of a book that students have read Writing a historical fiction story that takes place in a time period that they have just learned about Creating art that mirrors famous pieces of art in the period of history they are learning about Building a totem pole or a coat of arms that students believe could represent themselves or the whole class after learning about Native Americans or the Middle Ages Writing songs to review the material that they have learned slide 4 of 4 Real World Activities Some advanced learning activities seem like busywork, but you can help your gifted elementary students see the use in what they are creating if you focus these activities towards real life situations.

The Learning Network—teaching and learning with the New York Times, online free lesson gifted writing activities for grades Because gifted students often learn basic skills more quickly and easily than their peers, they can become discouraged by the slow pace of most curricula.

If your child is not being challenged in the traditional classroom, is a victim of recent cuts in local school budgets, or is a homeschooler showing a need for accelerated instruction in writing, there are still things you can do to help them keep their motivation toward higher learning.

Lesson plans on various subjects including the arts. Khan Academy is a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.

Boys and girls who have accelerated writing skills need both targeted instruction and consistent feedback in order to excel and achieve a sense of self-efficacy.

Gifted and Talented Lesson Plans & Activities

Dreambox Learning — Great math website for gifted children from K Students all across the country will be returning in the fall to schools with little or no resources allocated to gifted education.

You will use this paycheck to hire employees to help improve your tale. I then realized that I could do the same thing for editing. The Jobs In the end, I developed five jobs, each with a corresponding Frame more information on this Kaplan-created graphic organizer here.

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A non-profit organization dedicated to helping you give students a solid conceptual understanding of math and science, built on research in best practices and brain-based learning.

Writing a letter to the editor of a local paper responding to an issue in the community or in the paper itself -- and actually sending it Designing an invention that will actually help people and figuring out how they might apply for a patent on it Making their own meal plans, calculating how many calories are in various types of food, as well as which foods contain essential nutrients Organizing a fundraising event to raise money for a cause, and working with all of the math moneywriting advertisementsand other skills that go into it These elementary level activities will help your gifted students recognize how the information that they have learned can be helpful for them outside of the classroom as well.

You can choose by grade level—elementary to university.

Gifted Resources: Curriculum

Resources for Teaching Gifted and Talented Students. They developed their stories into mini-books using the illustrations from their frames. Here are some ideas you could try: Increases sophistication of language.

Teaching students to prewrite, write, and rewrite is a challenge. You have been offered an advance of 25 tickets our classroom currency. Therefore, try to think of activities that will enable them to get "down and dirty" with the material.

Trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses.

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How Teachers Can Help Gifted Students This series of articles discusses techniques teachers can use to help gifted students learn, both in an integrated classroom and in a classroom specifically for the gifted.

You can show students how to search online, how to choose which sites are of the highest quality, and how to find sites that actually address the issues that they would like to research. Odyssey of The Mind: Parents get daily emails on the progress… terrific and fun technology.

I have used the printable worksheets from this site for both of gifted writing activities kids from age 2 and up. There was a knock on the door… I envisioned their stories having professional quality illustrations to complement the spooky theme of this prompt. Some lesson plans are available free as a download from this website or purchasable in printed form.

Science and math lesson plans. The frames and instructions are available for download here. Can be used for all grades, including the university level, to help teach algebra, scale, number sense, symmetry, proportion, geometry, DNA structure, trigonometry, and more.

Let them explore the topic that most interests them and encourage them to give a short written or oral presentation to share what they have learned with the rest of the class. This website has some fantastic content and games — spelling bee games, word searches, sight words, typing and keyboarding games, math bingo, geography games, and more.

Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world:Writing Extension Activities If your gifted students' strengths are in writing, provide your students with frequent opportunities to creatively write about books they have read. Gifted and talented students may pick and choose the course and level of instruction that will best meet their needs.

These online courses are taught by certified writing teachers and provide personal feedback and support that both encourages and motivates young writers.

Gifted and talented

Gifted and talented learning activities Looking for some really original, exciting learning activities to try out at home? Our Gifted and talented pack presents 30 fascinating, involving projects to get stuck into, all linked to the national curriculum for 5- to year-olds and.

Teaching Techniques and Activities for the Education of the Gifted Young Scientist Teaching English Activities for the Gifted and Talented Students improve speaking and writing skills, understanding the symbolic meanings in language, and having students see the benefit of.

Still, you will have some early finishers even with writing activities. This can be particularly true with lower grades where they are not yet composing entire sentences or paragraphs.

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Challenging the Gifted Student Writer

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Gifted writing activities
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