Hum 176 week 8 academic integrity responsible blogging essay

Your instructor will require you to propose an activity and get instructor approval before you do it and report on it students should look for any instructions in that respect. For the reading selection you choose: For instance, one might go to the same museum as done for HUMbut this HUM report will focus on entirely different works and displays.

Replicas of the works are acceptable since they are more cost-efficient and you are working on a budget. Visit a museum or gallery exhibition or attend a theater, dance, or musical performance before the end of Week Use at least two 2 sources besides the textbook, which counts as one 1 source.

In a memo, describe the appearance of your six choices to your CEO so he or she will know what the art looks like and where it would be placed in the corporate offices. Write a speech that you will make to the composers agent. This project is designed to help you stretch your mind and your abilities to be the creative, innovative, and critical thinker you already are!

The story begins by acknowledging the foolishness of the superstitious traditions held by the people in the city of Lisbon but ends by confirming Voltaires belief that religion in general is equally based in false superstitions.

Your boss, who knows youve been taking a humanities class since he pays for your tuition reimbursement, has tasked you with managing the art budget for your company, expecting you to choose various pieces of art for the new corporate offices.

Explain how each piece fits your companys overall or desired corporate image. Write a two to three page report words that describes your experience. Write a three to four page paperwords that responds to each of the items described in the topic.

Clearly identify the event location, date attended, the attendees, and your initial reaction upon arriving at the event. Describe what sort of emotion is generated by listening to the works of your selected composer, in other words, what do you want your uncle to feel as he hears the music, and why is this composer so perfect for this composition?

Use at least the class text as a reference additional sources are fine, not necessary unless required by your content. Read the selection in the textbook. Specifically identify the musical elements in the composes style that you would like to be included in the new music written for your uncle.

Explain how the six pieces of art fall into these two styles. Your report should include connections you make between things observed in your activity and things learned in the course and text. Provide a summary of the event and describe your overall reaction after attending the event.

Identify the point in the reading when you realized that the ending would be different from what the beginning of the reading suggested that it would be.

Choose one of the composers and explain why you want him to write the birthday present music. This must not be a report on the same activity and certainly not the same report as done for another class, like HUM Choose one 1 of the topics from the list of topic choices below.In this paperwork of HUM Week 8 Assessment you will find the next information:Assessment A, Part 1: NBC News InterviewWhat are the main ethical issues on college campuses today?Do you think the Internet has made students less ethical?What can colleges do today to help encourage academic integrity and deter unethical behavior?Where is blogging.

HUM176 Week 8 Assignment – Effects of Advertising Presentation

HUM Week 8 Assignment – Effects of Advertising Presentation Choose a product or service from these examples:Fast foodClass of consumer productPersonal careAutomobileFindexamples (online, in print, or on TV or radio) andanalyze how that product or service has been ultimedescente.come a 9- to slide Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Assessment B: Write a Blog Entry Blog entry: Academic integrity I think is the a value that students should respect at all time. I will say that this fundamental when you are learning but when the student have the resources that we have today it is hard to get the percent in the academic integrity.

Hum/ Week 9 Final basis over the internet.

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Hum 176 week 8 academic integrity responsible blogging essay
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