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It allows for the assessment of particular skills, such as listening and speaking in a language course, which cannot so easily be assessed in a formal examination. The benefits of e-coursework are many. Then April 20 Exhibition, multiple files April 30 Comparative Study and Process Portfolio see illustration, screenshot from the Handbook of Procedures for for visual arts on the OCC If you are not familiar with the process I strongly encourage you NOT to leave your file uploads to the last minute.

As part of the development of technology in assessment, the IB has started to introduce e-coursework. Teachers are encouraged to visit the OCC visual arts page as well as the OCC visual arts forum for additional information, further clarification documents, new student samples and the updated guide.

Assessment work that has already been completed will not need to be revised as a result of these changes. Finally, the environmental benefits of e-coursework cannot be underestimated.

You or your DP Coordinator submits these and generates the sample list. For instance, internally assessed oral work can be much clearer to understand on an electronic audio file.

Digital projects such as the IB virtual community or our presence on social media networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are widening the IB community. IB Assessment Newsletter March During the first decade of the 21st century, the IB has encouraged the use of new technologies to enhance the education of students worldwide.

I previously blogged about thissee the OCC for more details. It provides schools with greater ease of administration and the elimination of costs incurred through postage and handling. You should therefore always refer to the digital, on-screen version of the submitted work when marking the exhibition.

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The updated guide includes clarification and guidance for candidate submissions, criteria application and best practices to ensure academic honesty. More importantly, it provides new opportunities for assessment.

E-coursework encompasses electronic means of creating, transmitting and assessing coursework. In the IB, coursework is either internally or externally assessed. From Novemberit has been possible for schools to upload theory of knowledge essays to a secure IB electronic file depository. Last year, I found the process smooth and simple.

It is intended that from the November examination session onwards, schools will be able to upload audio files for the groups 1 and 2 internally assessed oral work. While there are a number of significant improvements to the guide, the nature of the course and assessment tasks have not altered.

My students are having their exhibitions at the end of March. For example, the recent introduction of e-marking in certain IB Diploma Programmes has allowed examiners to focus more closely on core tasks, not on administrative issues that are part of a paper-based system.

Inthe uploading of multimedia projects in group 6 will be introduced. It can be completed over an extended period of time or as supervised written or oral work in the classroom. As it is possible that extra samples of candidate work are requested for moderation, store the e-portfolios documenting the exhibitions for all students so that if any further material needs to be submitted, this is immediately available.

When submitting the requested sample of work in the e-Coursework section, also enter the following additional information about the portfolio. IB e-Coursework Article from: Joel Adams, has announced that the DP visual arts course guide has been updated for first use from May onwards.

In Novemberthese electronic theory of knowledge essays were also e-marked. From onwards, it is intended that most externally and internally assessed oral and written coursework will be submitted as e-coursework. It also reduces the storage burden for schools, moderators and IB offices.The International Baccalaureate (IB) provides an official transcript of grades for the DP.

September 26, Uncategorized. How do I prepare to e-coursework upload?.

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Uploading your IB coursework is easy promise! Students taking Language A Literature HL, French B SL, Spanish B SL, or Theory of Knowledge will be uploading their own Written Assignments and ToK essays. Uploading can begin after 23 February but will most likely take place in early March.

For what concerns anonymising the work, the IB is asking not to include details such as the candidate name and school name on the actual work. The system links the candidate’s work to his/her name, but examiners do not see this. E-coursework – DP coordinator user guide To authenticate/submit the work of your Theory of knowledge candidates, login to IBIS and click on the Subject tab and select the E-coursework menu item from the left hand side of the screen.

Note*: As coordinator, you have the ability to act in absence of the teacher, should that be necessary. 1 E-coursework – candidate user guide To access the website for IB candidates to upload your Theory of Knowledge essay please enter the following URL ultimedescente.com Upload as Candidate © International Baccalaureate.

All rights reserved. Terms, Policies & Agreements.

Ib coursework upload
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