In the shadow of the glen essay

We know she is not making tea for the tramp as he has his whisky. So this proves she is expecting someone. In this part of the play Nora comes across to the audience as suspicious as she is continually looking at the body with troubled looks. In the beginning Nora is presented as a lonely character whose husband has just died.

She fills a kettle and puts it in fire to make some tea as if she is expecting someone. During this time Michael is counting out money. She did not to be lonely and financially unstable so she acted on this thought alone. This may be because she suspects Dan of not being dead or just because she is being polite.

She had a lot of emotions, which were hard to display, but the point was clear. Nora invites the tramp that is knocking at the door into her house and gives him whisky and tobacco. She asks about how far he was as if she wanted to meet him.

This can be for two reasons — one to get more money or two to have an excuse for marrying Dan. In this scene where Dan is alive the audience sympathise with Dan, as Nora is not sad about his death and very excited about meeting Michael.

At this Nora is very scared a she would be alone and starts to flirt with Dan. I think the writer presented her character well as it was a hard role to write. Michael is then very scared and begs for forgiveness. This unsettles the audience and the tramp.

In this situation Nora should be sad and maybe tearful.

In the Shadow of the Glen Themes

This opening scene pulls you into the story, as you want to know why she has candles on the table and why she looks at the body uneasily and why there is a dead body in the kitchen. We now know this was why she was flirting with him and giving him their best whisky and cigars.

She then opens the door. This may be because she feels ashamed of herself and tries to find an excuse to make herself feel better. This could be because she thinks if she flirts with him and shows him that she loves him the he would let her stay with him.

She comes across as being flirtatious towards the tramp and as if she is trying to get something from him. She is middle aged and has had a bad marriage with her husband. She aimlessly talks about money and not wanting to end up like a tramp roaming around streets and Michael is trying to console her.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: You want to find out the answers to your questions. She has had an affair with a man called Darcy and never loved Dan.

In the stage directions it is said you hear a long whistle from outside.

In the Shadow of the Glen by J. M. Synge

She is tempting him with whisky when Dan wakes up. Once the tramp is asleep, Nora teases Michael and asks him why she should marry him. Michael is jealous of this and challenges the tramp a little.

In The Shadow of the Glen Essay

She changes the subject and asks if there was anyone else on the road. He then takes a stick and then goes back to being dead. Michael puts arm around her as if he is trying to prove himself when Dan sneezes.In the Shadow of the Glen, also known as The Shadow of the Glen, is a one-act play written by the Irish playwright J.

M. Synge and first performed at the Molesworth Hall, Dublin, on October 8, It was the first of Synge's plays to be performed on stage. IN THE SHADOW OF THE GLEN A PLAY IN ONE ACT SCENE.—{The last cottage at the head of a long glen in County Wicklow. Cottage kitchen; turf fire on the right; a bed near it against the wall with a body lying on it covered with a sheet.

In the shadow of the Glen was written by J M Synge in Even before it was shown to anybody it caused arguments within the Irish Society because some people thought the play was shocking and unpatriotic and was an insult against Irish womanhood. Start your hour free trial to unlock this page In the Shadow of the Glen study guide and get instant access to the following: Themes; Characters; Critical Essays; Analysis; 4 Homework Help Questions with Expert Answers; You'll also get access to more than 30, additional guides andHomework Help questions answered by our experts.

In the Shadow of the Glen Critical Essays

In the Shadow of the Glen By Chloe Gedney and Robby Talley:) Tramp Themes Literary Devices What text does "In the Shadow of the Glen" relate to? "A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen Connections: Feminism: The feminist theme lies in Nora, a character who does not fit into the role of the traditional 's housewife.

() Also known as The Shadow of the Glen, this is a one-act play, first performed at Molesworth Hall, Dublin, on 8 October, It was the first of Synge's plays to be performed on stage. It is set in an isolated cottage in County Wicklow in what was then the present day of

In the shadow of the glen essay
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