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On January 12,the Oregon Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court judgment, denying his motion for a new trial. On February 26, he and his parents visited psychologist Dr.

Thurston High School shooting

On September 30, Bill purchased a. He also purchased a hunting knife. At this point, he had begun hanging out with a tougher group of Kip kinkle and played with explosives, excusing the latter as means to vent out his anger.

It is unknown which of the two threw the rock, though Kinkel alleges it was his friend. Despite these alarming warning signs, nobody thought it was a good idea to snitch that fag out; probably because it would not even another year until Columbine happens and schools actually put in some effort to monitor these types of kids.

Kinkel later said that he wanted to trick the officer into shooting himand that he had wanted to die by suicide after killing his parents but could not bring himself to do so. I have to kill people. The youth had gone to great lengths to hide any symptoms due to a fear of being labelled abnormal or mentally retarded.

They were broadcast earlier this week on the PBS documentary program Frontline. CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports that just hours after the school shootings, Kinkel was forced to take police on a grisly tour of the crime scene at Thurston High and -- as a camera rolled -- explain what he did.

In his backpack was 1, rounds of ammunition. Investigators found all his weapons but one. After killing his parents, Kinkel dragged their bodies, covered them with sheets, and then booby-trapped them by placing five explosives under the corpses, but this trap failed.

Kip Kinkel Tells His Tale

He had seen Kinkel for nine sessions and treated him for major depression. Aftermath[ edit ] During the police interview, he tried to attack a cop with a hidden knife, but was pwned by a quick jolt of pepper spray.

Luke Woodham, the Pearl High School shooter. Upon arriving home, Bill threatened him with the prospect of being sent to boarding school if he did not change his behavior. When his mom arrived, he told her that he loved her- and demonstrated it by firing 6 bullets of love into her, dragging her corpse out of sight, and covering it with another sheet.

In state court, Kinkel challenged the validity of the virtual life sentence he was given, citing Miller v. In an audio confession, Kinkel tearfully described to police how he almost ended his life with a pistol after killing his parents at the family home the night before.

Though they accomplished their goal, the group was caught. Pissed off at having to accept responsibility for his own actions, Kip decided it would be a good idea to take his shitty. He had a fairly decent childhood, but became a troublesome little shithead in his adolescence, often getting into fights, committing minor acts of adolescent juvenalia, like setting fires and property damage.

When he was in the seventh grade, Kinkel and some of his friends purchased bomb-making instructional manuals, such as The Anarchist Cookbookonline at school.

He was equipped with an assault trenchcoatwhich concealed an arsenal of five weapons. He then proceeded to play an old orchestra song over and over throughout the night.

Kinkel eventually was caught with a loaded stolen pistol in his high school locker. Kinkel and a friend watched news coverage of the massacre, both commenting that it was "pretty cool".

Sometime during May, he and several other friends "toilet-papered" a house using rolls of toilet paper in order to beat a school record. During this hearing, Kinkel apologized for committing the killings.

Jeffrey Hicks, the only psychologist who had treated Kinkel before the shootings, said that he was in satisfactory mental health. Kinkel, now 17, is serving a year sentence after pleading guilty to murdering his parents and two students at Thurston High School.

On September 24,he plead guilty to all of the counts he was charged with, and on November 11, he was sentenced to years in prison without the possibility of parole. I want to be something I can never be.

His sister was a gifted student. He managed to retrieve his hunting knife despite his cuffed hands, and when Detective Al Warthen entered the room, Kinkel threatened him with the knife, continuously charging at him. Kinkel reportedly attended in an "unnormal" way, and his family said that he struggled with the curriculum.

He left a note for the pigs, that read: On April 29, he was suspended again, for three days, after throwing a pencil at another student. When asked about a family trip to Disneylandhe commented that he wanted to "punch Mickey Mouse in the nose".

Two months later, his request was denied by a Marion County judge, but he appealed, arguing that he had had ineffective assistance in counseling during the initial trial. All of the violent video games that Kip played numbed his mind to violence - Kip simply believed he was inside a video game level and that his parents would respawn in a few hours.

Kipland Kinkel

Others characterized him as psychotic or schizoidand as someone who enjoyed listening to shock rock such as Marilyn Manson.Aug 27,  · In a year-old Oregon boy named Kipland “Kip” Kinkel shot and killed his parents, then brought his guns to school, where he killed two people and wounded 25 more before he was disarmed.

Apr 27,  · A Springfield police detective leads Kipland P. Kinkel, then 15, on a walk-through of Thurston High School less than six hours after police had taken Kinkel.

Kip Kinkel is an autistic crybaby and a member of the Barney Bunch, who murdered his parents and attempted to top the High Score at Thurston High School, on May 21st, He successfully killed 4 people, and managed to injure another 25 before everybody dog-piled his weak-ass, cuffed him, and threw him in the slammer for a lifetime of.

Jan 25,  · The attorney for Thurston High School shooter Kipland P. Kinkel plans to use Monday's ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on juvenile life in prison sentences to bolster Kinkel's appeal of his nearly.

January 29, Bill Kinkel marries Faith Zuranski: December 22, Kristin Kinkel is born: August 30, Kipland Kinkel is born. - The Kinkels take a.

Kip Kinkel

Feb 10,  · The state's appellate court narrowly ruled that Kinkel already had challenged his sentence as cruel and unusual in an earlier appeal and to re-litigate the same argument was not allowed under.

Kip kinkle
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