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You can place a hold on the mailboxes and OneDrive for Business sites of people who are custodians in the case. Specific locations - Select this option to select the mailboxes and sites that you want to search.

eDiscovery cases in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center

The containers in the list are the ones that you prepared. Click Choose members, click Edit, click Add, select the user that you want to add to the Reviewer role group, and then click Add.

You can get statistics that show how many items match each keyword. Click the Microsoft case tab to display the list of export jobs that exist for that case. In the list of people or role groups that can be added Microsoft case members of the case, click the check box next to the names of the people or role Microsoft case that you want to add.

Note When you export search results, you have the option to enable de-duplication so that only one copy of an email message is exported even though multiple instances of the same message might have been found in the mailboxes that were searched. You can specify a date range to hold only the content that was sent, received, or created within that date range.

You can get the latest hold statistics by clicking Update statistics to re-run a search estimate that calculates the current number of items on hold. Or you can select multiple adjacent searches by clicking the first search, holding down the Shift key, and then clicking the last search.

Content Searches associated with Microsoft case case must have names that are unique within your Office organization. When you restart an export, the same combined search query job that was run when the export job was created will be run again. These constraints include limits on certain contracting practices, mandated disclosure of certain software program interfaces and protocols, and rights for computer manufacturers to limit the visibility of certain Windows features in new PCs.

Click the name of the case that you want to add members to. Click Open next to the case that you want to prepare search results for analysis in Advanced eDiscovery.

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Reviewer - This role group has the most restrictive eDiscovery-related permissions. You can click the Show keyword list check box and the type a keyword in each row. Hold statistics After a while, information about the new hold is displayed in the details pane on the Holds page for the selected hold.

This was partly because the appellate court had adopted a "drastically altered scope of liability" under which the remedies could be taken, and also partly due to the embargoed interviews Judge Jackson had given to the news media while he was still hearing the case, in violation of the Code of Conduct for US Judges.

Note When you export search results from multiple searches associated with a case, you also have the option to enable de-duplication so that only one copy of an email message is exported even though multiple instances of the same message might have been found in the mailboxes that were searched in one or more of the searches.

On the New search page, you can add keywords and conditions to create the search query. Additionally, an eDiscovery Administrator can: You can also use a keyword phrase surrounded by parentheses in a row.

Alternatively, you can hold all content regardless of when it was sent, received, or created. On the Export results page, give the export a unique name, select output options, and choose how your content will be exported. On the Home page for the case, click the Search tab.

If necessary, click Refresh to update the information in the details pane.

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Export the results of a Content Search associated with Microsoft case case After a search is successfully run, you can export the search results.

The Microsoft case includes the total size and number of items that matched the search criteria. You might have to click Refresh to update the list of export jobs to display the export job that you just created. The suit began on May 18,with the U. Why use the keyword list? Alternatively, users with an Office E1 or E3 license can be assigned an Advanced eDiscovery standalone license.

Trial[ edit ] Bill Gates during his deposition. The maximum number of keywords from the search queries for all searches that you want to export is To load the search result data from a container to the case in Advanced eDiscovery, select a container and click Process.

Optional In the Description box, add a description of the hold. This information includes the number of mailboxes and sites on hold and statistics about the content that was placed on hold, such as the total number and size of items placed on hold and the last time the hold statistics were calculated.

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Start your journey now: Digital transformation Technical Case Study Published. Microsoft customer stories. See how Microsoft tools help companies run their business. You can assign members to the case, place content locations on hold, run Content Searchs associated with the case, and the export the search results.

users with an on-premises mailbox might be able to participate in conversations that are part of the Chat list in Microsoft Teams. However in this case, content from these conversation can't.

Microsoft case
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