Montana 1948 shows family loyalty

Grandfather had always stood up for Frank. Wesley could not believe this accusation and stormed out of the room. Does someone want to finish the paper and write the conclusion? However, this was discrete and assumed. Ethics Loyalty and Betrayal. When Marie Little Soldier got sick, she refused to be examined by Frank.

Wesley obeyed the law, and did the right thing to investigate the accusations against his brother. Frank Hayden, brother of Wesley, is the least loyal character in the book. Wesley was being pulled in two different directions. Later that day, she was dead. Your mother saw it.

Marie detests the use of a doctor and insists upon seeing another doctor that she is more familiar with. The novella focuses on the life of young Montanan David Hayden, his family and the fictional town of Bentrock, Montanaand focuses on the struggles of a family torn between loyalty and justice.

Also Miss Boeser had a fabulous idea of organizing the paper to who is most loyal to least loyal. David knew what Uncle Frank had done, and he thought he may have been the only witness. He supported his father throughout the investigation, even when he felt pressure to abandon his instinct. Eventually, David decides to tell his parents the truth - that he had witnessed Frank leaving their house around the same time Marie had died, implying that Frank had something to do with her death.

Also, I like this quote. The way we have it worded makes her more loyal that Grandfather. She was still angry after this, because she felt unsafe in her own house. The whole goddame town saw it. Gail completely agreed with this action and supported Wes. Wesley always believed what he just told David, but he was scared of his father and got caught in the middle of his loyalty to the law and to his family.

He understood that his dad was in an awkward position. Okay I think we have some really great ideas. To get to the paper, click here: When David admits to seeing his uncle leave the residence hours before his babysitters death.

We need outside resources and more quotes too. We could talk about how the ethics of the characters affects the outcome of the novel. He thought that Wes should have turned his head and looked the other way.

Ethics (Loyalty and Betrayal)

In a conversation between David and Wesley, he knew what he had to do. David knew that the right thing to do was to tell on Uncle Frank.

To dig himself deeper into a hole of betrayal, he confessed to killing Marie Little Soldier. Wesley was going to let Frank out of the basement after the four men incident because realized that he was putting his family in too much danger.

Ethics Paper

Gail manages to scare them away by firing warning shots into the air, while David calls for help. The most loyal character in the story was David Hayden.

He was the son of Wesley and Gail Hayden, and was twelve years old. This is the Ethics Paper page. It was awarded the Milkweed National Fiction Prize.

She is turning her back on what she feels is right, so she can protect her family. In the end, Wesley knew what he had to do. After she has received medical attention and is prescribed medication, Gail questions Marie and discovers that Frank has a history of abusing his medical status to prey upon the local Native American women, forcing them to commit otherwise unnecessary acts.Find the quotes you need in Larry Watson's Montanasortable by theme, character, or chapter.

From the creators of SparkNotes. The book "Montana " by Larry Watson, published inis a dark coming-of-age tale. It tells the story of how year-old David grew up fast after learning about long-held family secrets and the social system that protected them.

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In the heart of ‘Montana ’ is the conflict between loyalty to family and duty to the community. Loyalty in the Hayden family nurtures the conflicts, as loyal decisions and actions go too far. The Haydens are very loyal to one another and Wesley and Julian (in particular), put their family first.

Montana is a novel by Larry Watson. The novel focuses on the life of young David Hayden, his family, and the fictional town of Bentrock, and it centers on the struggles of a family torn between loyalty and justice and it encompasses the various different levels of struggles that the Hayden family has to go through.

In ‘Montana ’ loyalty to family is more important than justice in the eyes of some, however in the eyes of others, justice is clearly more important.

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Family loyalty was a big part of the novel and was shown all throughout the story within the characters of Julian and Wes and how they refused to believe the truth of Frank’s crimes/5(1).

Montana 1948 shows family loyalty
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