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The point of the programs is to reduce the amount of people sharing or using unsanitary needles and syringes to inject themselves with drugs. Hire Writer The disadvantages of the needle exchange program are more significant then having the program.

It can also be seen as the program approving of drug use. This will demo the incorrect message to our kids. This will endanger the safety of the community. The needle exchange programs do not make efforts to change drug-addicts. Needle exchanges will make the community unsafe.

This will increase crime in these areas. Needle exchange as a safe haven in an unsafe world.

Needle Exchange Program (Bad Idea) - Essay Example

The needle exchange plan supports drug users in giving unfertile acerate leafs. Free Essays Tags The needle exchange plan provides unfertile acerate leafs in exchange for used dirty acerate leafs. Some individuals may share their needles and get diseases like HIV which can cause further problems and more possibilities of other individuals getting diseases.

The location of the needle exchange sites will hurt our communities and there will be more drug addicts in these areas. The needle exchange plans do non do attempts to alter drug-addicts.

This is not an effective way to help drug addicts. The programs bring in drug addicts, which are not clean individuals. This shows how much stigmatism is associated with these needle exchange programs which prevents many drug users from using this type of harm reduction program. In decision the needle exchange plans will non diminish drug usage or HIV.

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Methadone is an opioid medication which is highly addictive especially to those who already have a substance abuse problem. The program is effective if they abstain from Needle exchange program essay example abuse while taking methadone because of the serious side effects when taken with other drugs.

Treatment is low at needle exchange sites. This then increases the risks of diseases, therefore, increasing health care costs that could have been prevented. Needle exchange will create undesirable communities and will discourage new residents from the community. The pros of the plan are the cost-efficient manner to cut down needle sharing among drug nuts.

Needle exchanges will do the community insecure. The government needs to give health care to the uninsured drug users and they can receive counseling to get off the drugs which ruin their lives. It states that drug dealers sell drugs near needle exchange sites. This will show the wrong message to our children.

Supporting clients on the methadone maintenance program. The disadvantages of the needle exchange plan are more important so holding the plan. Both methadone and needle exchange programs are, to me, still biased due to the fact that we are approving of drug use when it is illegal.

Even though methadone is supposedly proven to be safe, it seems to have biases and stigmas associated with it because it is an opioid medication and many people can become addicted to it as well as have serious side effects.Methadone Clinics and Needle Exchange Programs Essay Sample.

There are many people in the world today that are drug addicts and cannot quit by themselves which is where the methadone clinics come into the picture. Needle Exchange Programs Essay; Needle Exchange Programs Essay. Needle exchange program (NEPs) is one of the programs, which has goal to reduce harm to drug users and innocent people.

Moreover, implementing of needle exchange programs has become an argument because it cannot help drug users but instead it encourages them to use more drugs. The needle exchange program provides sterile needles in exchange for used dirty needles. Research has stated that with a program in place will reduce HIV and hepatitis C.

and sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), as well as overdosing and having higher mortality rates.” (O’Neill, et al, p.3) Needle exchange program is a program. Syringe Exchange Programs: A Matter of Public Health Essay; Needle Exchange Programs Essay Words | 3 Pages.

people thinks, acts and feels. Today, there are many programs that are established to help drug users and prevent the spread of diseases. Needle exchange program (NEPs) is one of the programs, which has goal to reduce harm to drug.

Needle Exchange Programs essays A new program has been established to offer clean needles to IV drug users, in hopes of preventing the spread of harmful diseases like HIV and Hepatitas.

To obtain these clean needles, a laminated I.D. card must be presented, and used needles must be dropped off. T.

Needle exchange program essay example
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