Running a business planning workshop

Successful strategic plans are those created and committed to by those accountable for implementing them, and for working with the people affected by them. Action to be taken. Do a dry run of half the workshop, for free, with the kind of people the workshop will be for.

Do not stick with hierarchy: Do you want to teach managers how to be better organizers? Some people hate going to workshops. At least the day before, find an area with suitable working room meeting room with large desk, preferably rectangle.

If you are using a projector from your laptop, also use an overhead projector which will allow you to insert back-up material into the discussion, or to capture ideas directly on the transparency.

Facilitation is the name of the game. A cooking workshop means students cook things. There are tons of books with workshop exercises. Do not make this part a lengthily discussion, as it could rapidly become quite theoretical.

This consists of managers, with requisite roles and responsibilities. Aspects that will not be discussed at the workshop: Creating group exercises is different for each workshop.

Will everyone be able to see your visual aids?

How to Run a Good Workshop

Obviously you are limited by the height of the meeting room. If you plan the meeting, you may want to facilitate it as well. Logical, numerate, process-oriented people are happier with more structured planning tools and computers.

A seminar is a structured conversation usually thought of as a small group of advanced students in a university or graduate school engaged in original research or intensive study under the guidance of a professor who meets regularly with them to discuss their reports and findings.

Stay out of the center Workshop students come to learn and they can learn from other students often as much as they can from you. Learn how to do this effectively in The Role of a Facilitator.

The easy mistake is to center everything on you. So how do you prepare for a workshop that will be not only relevant and productive, but memorable? You can choose to meet at a location close to the office, or even to take the team to a local resort, making this experience an enjoyable one people will look forward to next year.

For the IT savvy presenters, attach them via a hyperlink within your Powerpoint presentation. At start of workshop, introduce aim and process - agree expectations - answer queries.

Workshops are effective in managing change and achieving improvement, and particularly the creation of initiatives, plans, process and actions to achieve particular business and organisational aims.

Stretch goals for the company: Objectives of the session: Use a U-shaped table. Facilitators should be independent of the discussion. Or will they write down their own ideas and then give them to you?

They workshop how these strategic issues should be addressed. Remember, spend as much time as you can creating fun and interesting group exercises.

Planning a Workshop

Facilitating effective workshops is a skill that comes with experience. Some of these may call for some team building prior to starting the planning.

Unless you have a good reason for using laptops and projector, have the delegates use flip chart paper and coloured marker pens, and hang the sheets around the walls. Effective workshops require a facilitative and enabling approach - not a directing autocratic style, so concentrate on enabling and providing tools, knowledge, mechanisms, freedoms, processes, information, etc.

It is crucial not to let the team try to make decisions, but rather to encourage questions and debate. Think about the sort of people in the workshop groups and provide tools, materials and methods that they will be comfortable using. For up to eight participants: And planning a good one?I assume there is a planning team.

This consists of managers, with requisite roles and responsibilities. In strategic planning, a workshop is a meeting at which a planning team engages in intensive discussion and activity on the big issues facing the organization.

Workshops combine training, development, team-building, communications, motivation and planning. Participation and involvement of staff increases the sense of ownership and empowerment, and facilitates the development of organisations and individuals.

Workshops are effective in managing change and.

Running a Strategic Planning Session

Many companies embark on a strategic planning process, either formerly or informally. Often, many parties in the organization are involved in the process, and the strategic planning session is a traditional occasion which brings the managers together to discuss the issues facing the company.

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The next post will cover running the workshop. Planning Resources The Planning Workshop Framework developed by PM Majik provides all of the resources, templates and guides to set up and run a planning working.

One-Day Business Planning Workshop This is a sample agenda for a one-day Business Planning workshop for a group of business owners, chamber members, etc. I use a sample case for developing hands-on forecasts and examples.

Running a business planning workshop
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