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The gunfire suggests that there is a lot of hate between the Montague and Capulet boys and that they are trying to make their family the better of the two. How to cite this page Choose cite format: After the Prince has seized the brawl there is a still shot in the police station of the two families and the prince.

Tybalt wears the same colours as the Capulets, but underneath his bright waistcoat he wears more posh clothes than the other Capulets. Here, we can instantly feel that the silence speaks aloud after a noisy brawl. The way the director positions the actors in their scene, is called figure positioning, it portrays the image that the director wanted the viewer to see in their mind.

The loud punk music is used to represent Montagues. The music reflects the mood of the film, it makes you watch and listen, and the pictures concentrate on newspaper articles describing the families.

The second film has aspects that have dated already, such as the type of gun used, and this tends to age films quite quickly. Forgetting the western style music, which was modern in its day, I preferred the fight scenes in the second one far more than the first.

This image implies their seemingly tough but truly harmless nature. The prologue in the second film, would I believe, appeal to a wider audience today than the first one.

Once you start to add modern day music that again ages quickly you start to make a film that is good for now but maybe not a classic.

When he asks Benvolio to leave him alone his nonconcen attitude is portrayed very well with his nonconcen walk. For example the camera follows the Montague boys in their car. The quick flashes of the city and what happened after the fighting grab your attention immediately.

There is a distinct swish like noise for when Tybalt moves fast, when he takes off his jacket and throws it to the side and also when he does a complete turn to shoot at the Montagues, this sound works well with the movement and signifies that Tybalt is a fast, slick and smooth mover.

The Capulet boys stay around the petrol station shop area where it is considerably darker than where the Montague are parked, nearer the road in the light, this also indicates that the Capulets are darker and more evil and the Montagues are the more calm and cool, of the two.

Olivier is very famous for his Shakespearian acting and I believe he would have been a favourite to have in this picture to attract people to watch it. The Capulet and Montague parents both wear posh clothes with a velvet cape over the top.

In addition, the film makes no pretense at any English or Italian to fit the original setting accent from its characters. But thou art not quickly moved to strike.

The significance of the music that the Montague boys play in their car, is that they are relaxed, calm and the cool dudes of the city. Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. As the Capulets pull onto the forecourt of the petrol station in a moving shot, which follows the Capulets car moving towards the camera, there is a dark shadow around the bottom of the car, this indicates the darkness and evil of the Capulet boys.

Cite References Print Ansen, David. I strike quickly, being moved. The Nuns at the petrol station, the woman at the petrol station and the newsreader all wear neutral colours, brown and red, to show that they are innocent and not part of the brawls amongst the Montague and Capulet families.

S whilst the fights are going on, these shots are more than likely the most up to date shots of the time. A closer reading, however, will also illuminate significant deviations in verse. The film runs the TV clip against a black background.

The Police Chief and his officers wear the traditional Police uniform bearing their rank, which signifies their power and authority over others.

We see a lady hitting the Montague with her purse which adds humour to the scene but this technique is used to highlight the violent fight scene. Frozen camera shots of each character introduces you to them, to ensure you know your character from the start and do not miss any important parts whilst trying to work out who is who.

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Then the viewer is introduced to the two main families as we are taken to buildings with the different family names on them. Music adds to the mood of a film and in many instances if the music is really appropriate it can say just as much as an actor saying his or her lines.

In keeping with the camera moving into the city centre so the music changes.

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The second film shows the prologue on the TV as a news article. More importantly it is such an everyday thing that it lends a sense of realism to the film. The Capulets are dressed in the clothes of honour. Also Zefferelli uses the tilt: He has many close ups. Online Plagiarism Checker Zeffereili and Bazz Lurhman - Sample Essay As part of my essay, I am going to examine how the fight is staged in two versions of Romeo and Juliet by Zeffereili and Baz Lurhman considering the points-setting, the costumes, the soundtrack, the use of violence and the portrayal of Romeo with the impact on audience.

The ensuing fight scene provides an excellent example of the difference in choreography and props. Again the viewer will listen to what is being said before being whirled into the full-blown action piece.Comparing The Opening Scenes of the Two Romeo and Juliet Films Words | 5 Pages.

Comparing The Opening Scenes of the Two Romeo and Juliet Films In this essay I will be comparing two Romeo and Juliet films done by different directors at different times. The two directors Baz Lurhman and Zefferelli both presented the style, pace, tone and mood of the two Shakespeare film in different ways.

Luhrmann and Zefferelli: comparison as directors Essay

Baz Lurhman version of the pace is slow. The pace for this version is slow due to a lot of time spent on the opening scene. Luhrmann and Zefferelli: comparison as directors Essay. Both Luhrmann and Zefferelli got their point across to the viewer very well using mise en scene as Zefferelli was nominated as ‘best-director’ for an Oscar and Luhrmann nominated for an Oscar too.

- Two directors, (Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann), alike in dignity, forge a motion picture of splendid taste. One ancient view of love to one modern, from Shakespearean play it is based.

From forth these remarkable lines, they say, is the moment true love is on display. We will write a custom essay sample on Compare and contrast the opening scenes of Zeffirelli and Lurhman’s film versions of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”.

Romeo and Juliet essay Baz Lurhman's modern film interpretation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has been a very successful transformation of the classic, original play to a modern context of Los.

Angelos gang warfare.

The two directors baz lurhman essay
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