The whale rider book theme analysis

Women do not need to be physical to be a hero; instead, women can fight for their right and not let others dictate their future. Press Beginningsp. Females will stand up for their right when it is necessary.

With the year winding down and finding myself in need of an author whose last name starts with the letter I to finish an A-Z author challe I have been fascinated by whales from the time I was a young child and saw a blue whale skeleton at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History.

Whale Rider Critical Analysis

Her grandfather looked down on her with contempt and viewed her as a burden because she could not fulfill this role, even though she was always trying to convince him of her superiority. She even won a speech contest for the East Region of New Zealand. They do not need to be submissive to comply with patriarchal standards; they are their own voices and their own desires.

Paikea was the one who went out on her own and obtained the Reiputa Whale Rider, Niki Caro portrayed Paikea as a girl that every female can relate to. In chapter 1 I will give a short summary about the colonial and postcolonial history of New Zealand and its postcolonial literature tradition.

The Whale Rider

Paikea refused and Koro demanded that she must leave immediately. The counter cinematic portrayal of this movie made me realize that females can legitimately be heroes without having to put a wanted criminal behind bars or kill an unrelenting villain.

She still loves her husband despite the fact that he is stubborn and only wishes to teach the boys in the community. In school plays, Paikea is always the center of the group.

Most films depict the daughter as the weaker child. While Koro is desperate about not having a male grandchild he starts to look for a male successor amongst his tribe, unaware that Kahu has the aptitudes which a chief requires.

Saturday, 17 November Introduction: The Whale Rider novel appears somehow like a modern tale. She is an exemplar of a female counter-stereotype; in other words, she is not passive, weak, and submissive. The female gaze is a distaff counterpart.

From the female perspective, females feel discriminated and they recognize that they are classified as second class citizens that are not given equal opportunities.

From an early age, Paikea was disciplined, as evidenced by her objection towards smoking.Whale Rider Critical Analysis Claire Choy - Saturday, 17 November Introduction: In the film, Whale Rider, the director, Niki Caro created a magnificently empowering movie that serves as an inspirational tool for females.

The legend that the whale saved their ancestor Paikea started when the whale rescued him from the. Video: The Whale Rider: Summary & Analysis 'The Whale Rider' is a story about a Maori girl named Kahu, who dreams of being the chief of her tribe.

However, in Maori culture, only men can be chief. By tradition, the leader should be the first-born son a direct patrilineal descendant of Paikea, aka Kahutia Te Rangi in the book, the Whale Rider he who rode on top of a whale from Hawaiki.

However, Pai is female and technically cannot inherit the leadership. The film is based on the book The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera.

Analysis of Witi Ihimaeras 'The Whale Rider' on the basis of Postcolonial Theory

Ihimaera was inspired to write the book in while living in an apartment in New York overlooking the Hudson River. Whale Rider is a New Zealand-German family drama film directed by Niki Caro, based on the novel of the same name by Witi Ihimaera.

There are very physical things that are described in the book – the sweep of the bay, the island that looks like a whale, the meeting houses, the number of houses that are present and of course, the. Analysis of Witi Ihimaeras 'The Whale Rider' on the basis of Postcolonial Theory - Nancy Reinhardt - Term Paper - English Language and Literature Studies - Culture and Applied Geography - Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay.

The whale rider book theme analysis
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