Things to do in a dorm

Bring a few shirts. Listen to roomie laugh at you. Starting with everything dorm decor. Use these characters as target practice for Nerf dart guns. When your favorite shows end, your weeknights feel a whole lot lonelier.

Aside from changing up your clothes, you can freshen up your look in other ways, too. Keep a tally of how many bugs have been found and squashed in the room. Who wants to wake up and go to the dining hall?

Buy some pet lizards and ad lib potential conversations. No one cares about all the clubs you were in. Make fun of Stumpy the wussy lizard. To combat cabin fever, here are some tips, tricks and activities to keep you entertained and best of all, warm.

Make it a little more inviting by playing with the arrangement. This task is definitely the most difficult on this list, but also the most rewarding. Spend hours reading this list instead of doing homework. Make your room homey for you and your roommate.

25 Fun Things To Do In Your Dorm Room When It's Too Cold To Go Outside

Chocolate cake in a mug: See how many different kinds of mold can be grown in plastic baggies. August 7, at There are several blog hosts you can choose from: Dress up Furbies as Harry Potter characters.

Turn the freezer into an impending avalanche for your roomie. A lap desk We all know what this is. No one wants to be hot and sticky when trying to study or sleep. Cover the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars and make up your own constellations.

Find creative ways to transfer food from the stove to your plate across the kitchen. Morgan Hoover Kent State Hello! Staring at your roommate with strange objects retainers, gummy sharks included in your mouth. Be prepared and carry one with you.

Make a wall collage: See if a little plastic dragon can swim in a cup of water. Frequently stop to bat at the squeeze light like a cat. Still, I find the list at least semi-impressive. Always keep it near you.

Make sure the cricket voices are annoyingly high-pitched.Jan 05,  · College dorm rooms are generally something that, in their most basic, truest form, tend not to be considered particularly aesthetically pleasing.

15 Things You Need For Your College Dorm Room

At any given dormitory at an institution of higher learning (or boarding school, for that matter) you’ll probably get some combination of the following: fluorescent lighting, off-white cinderblock walls, and yellowing linoleum floors that appear. 25 Essential Dorm Room Things You NEED.

Your feet will need a break anyway from all the walking you'll do all day from class to class.

6. Plastic Drawers for extra clothing space. 11 dorm room gadgets that are too cool for school and midterms aren’t the only things students have to look forward to, though—there’s also a return to dorm life, your home away from.

Be sure to use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need for campus living for your first year at college. The adventure of leaving home and living in a dorm can be exciting, scary and even boring from time to time.

You need to get creative and be open to new ideas if you want to stop being bored in your dorm.

25 Essential Dorm Room Things You NEED

The adventures you have and the friends you make during. Here are some things you need for a dorm room, but you don't need much. A dorm room checklist has too many things on it. Dorm room necessities aren't many.

Things to do in a dorm
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