Vulnerable population in the workplace essay

Homeless people are all ages, men and women, some with former professional backgrounds.

Vulnerable Population in the Workplace

The unique situation each homeless person faces needs to be recognized. Distrust is a huge factor that keeps homeless from seeking health care services. Build Trust Building trust begins with treating the homeless or any vulnerable population with dignity and respect.

Social Justice in Nursing Social Justice is known as the ability to provide fair treatment regardless of age, ethnicity, race, economic status, disability, and gender as defined by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Being accountable in the care you give we instill trust in the patient.

Although there are different specialties for a Vulnerable population in the workplace essay to choose from to continue their career, it is still necessary for every nurse to have even a little amount of knowledge, or background, of the different scopes of practice of the other specialties of nursing.

If health care is more accessible the homeless could attend appointments, trainings, and counseling more readily. Health care providers must have an attitude that effectively engages the homeless population. Sharing that knowledge to your workplace is important in order for them to be able to work competently, especially in the field that I work with where we handle different kinds of patients.

AJMC, As the term elaborates, vulnerability is the susceptibility of any group or individual for risks of problems. Examples of vulnerable population that home health nurses meet frequently are those who are disabled, have chronic illness, and the elderly.

Get Access Vulnerable population in the workplace Essay Sample Vulnerable populations are those at risk for poor physical, mental, or social health. The homeless population face many barriers to obtaining heath care. Welcomeness To offer a welcoming atmosphere to the homeless, approach each patient with dignity and openness, during their visit.

These three important topics are important to understand more deeply in order for the nurse to be able to provide care more effectively especially to those who are included in the vulnerable population.

Availability of health services would allow the homeless to better control their illnesses or prevent illness and disease.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? As health care providers, we need to recognize these barriers to better understand the homeless and provide effective health care.

Having that knowledge about vulnerable population is an essential tool to be able to work with patients properly.

According to Poole, cultural competence is practiced by nurses not only because it is politically appropriate, but it is also an inner sense that being culturally competent is an essential attitude to be able to build that therapeutic relationship with the patient, which promotes better healing environment.

Community Practitioner, 87 6 In this paper, we will see how the knowledge about the vulnerable population is essential in the workplace, which consists of topics essential to this subject such as the Vulnerable Population: This variety makes the nursing field a vulnerable profession for mistakes if not tackled with adequate educational and clinical training.

Using the emergency departments for the main source of health care cost more money than it would if the homeless had a health care provider they could access and depend upon.

To provide adequate health care communication is essential, so trust must be developed. Health care providers need to be held accountable for services offered and provided to the homeless population. After reviewing this definition, the homeless awareness has increased by helping us understand that it is not just the person sleeping on the street or in the abandoned house that is homeless.

Awareness, accessibility, communication, and trust can be a few of the small steps we take that can make major improvements in the lives of the homeless population. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 22 7 Homeless people can be resilient if given the chance.

With these two combined, home health nurses can be able to deal with patients with different cultures competently without any difficulty adapting from the great changes that they may experience from different types of patients.

Empathy needs to be developed for health care providers to have an understanding of the difficulty the homeless population have in their lives with transportation to and from health care appointments.

Recognizing the unique situations will prevent stereotyping patients who are members of this vulnerable population.Read this essay on Vulnerable Population in the Workplace. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Vulnerable population in the workplace Essay Sample. Vulnerable populations are those at risk for poor physical, mental, or social health.

Everyone is vulnerable at some point in their lives due to illness and unfortunate life events. Free Essay: Vulnerable Population in the Workplace NUR February 11, Vulnerable Population in the Workplace One has chosen to focus on the substance.

Vulnerable Populations in the Workplace. Vulnerable Populations in the Workplace Jennifer Hudson NUR/ October 15, Deborah Nallo Vulnerable Populations in the Workplace Change is a constant in the workplace.

Vulnerable Population Essay A vulnerable population is the state of a population or individual being vulnerable to a. Vulnerable populations are groups of people that are at an increased risk for poor health status and/or lack of access to healthcare when compared to the rest of the population.

Vulnerable Population in the Workplace Nursing profession is a career with a vast field of different practices with different roles to choose from.

Vulnerable population in the workplace Essay Sample

This variety makes the nursing field a vulnerable profession for mistakes if not tackled .

Vulnerable population in the workplace essay
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