Week three reflection

This is what most amazes me about the 3D printing and digital making world- the fact that we are becoming Week three reflection enough to make things like human organs that are functional and Week three reflection save lives, or to at least improve lives like with 3D printed ears.

Retrieved 3 19,from Youtube: Students need to count the rows: Racial categorization is often based on physical traits, most commonly skin color.

I believe that race is a culturally and socially constructed concept, and can therefore be damaging when people have prejudice or are raised to believe otherwise. This strategy would be used when introducing children to the initial concept of multiplication, in particular, the distributive property.

This new 3D printing organs idea can change all of that, which I find truly astonishing. Students need to count the columns: Overall, it is important to break this strategy down in order to introduce the commutative property and how there are fact families within multiplication facts.

Week 3 Part 2b slide and Brisbane, Australia: One of the resources that I found to help teach multiplication is one that we used in our tutorials this week, and it is called Making a Pocket Multiplier. From that, humans evolved and increased diversity to form different physical variations in any given trait over a very long time.

During the lecture, I was reminded of different beliefs of how Week three reflection think humans were created and how their ancestors came to be.

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The example above would be used when children are in the materials language stage, however, if the teacher was to introduce the symbolic equation below it would represent some symbolic language on the model.

White people wanted so badly to be seen as superior, regardless of the harm that would be done to the people of color they were emotionally and physically destroying, that they would fake science just to support their ideology.

While racist science seemed to say different skin colors stemmed from a hierarchy given by God or nature, skin shades actually were a result of environmental adaptations to the sun in order to protect people from harmful rays wherever they may live.

Week 3 Reflection

When I go about my day to day life, I rarely think about how different my beliefs may be compared to those around me. To those scientists they may not have thought they were altering their work to support their racist ideology, but in fact they did.

I was very shocked to find out how many things one could do in the fab lab- I am especially interested in the digital embroidery machine. I used to be an Irish Dancer, and our costumes are extremely intricately embroidered and bedazzled.

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Multiplication is repeated addition of equal parts— where all the parts that are added are equal to each other. This strategy follows the Array Model as children can visually picture the numbers, groups or parts in rows and is good for turn arounds.

Biological determinism and racism is such a huge part of human history and has caused some of the most terrifying events ever known to man, such as the Holocaust and slavery. Retrieved 3 19,from Americas Choice: Another thing I found online, which I found to be interesting, is an article about a company who is looking to raise at least 50 million dollars in order to finally get a 3D printed heart to the market.

Each face of the pocket multiplier has six dots, so when the chain is folded out children can visualize how many dots represent the equation of the other face, and the answer is represented in the top right corner. This can help students understand the pattern and visualise physically the turnaround strategy.

If I were to explain biological race to someone unfamiliar with the topic, I would say we are first and foremost one race, homo sapiens. Jeff is not only an energetic and exciting public speaker, he is also very knowledgeable on all of the different tools and machines that his lab offers.

Click on this link: This representation displays how this progression can be modelled on the language model, in particular the symbolic stage.

Not only that, but Scott who is in my group has been to free printing days before, so had some experience with the printers.One thought on “Week 3 Reflection” Shayna Patt says: February 6, at pm Hi Chelly, I love the “Money Makers” logo that your team created!

I especially like the slightly raised look of the “makers” lettering on the face of the dollar sign. View Notes - Week 3 Journal from EDU at University of Phoenix.

Week Three Reflection Journal 1 Reflecting on My Journey Jennifer Torres EDU Issues in Education Jackie Kyger November 27,%(3).

Week 3 - Reflection Last week you were asked to identify a trigger event and the strong emotion associated with it. This week we are going to discuss the importance of being emotionally aware.

Weekly Reflection ECO/ March 4, Week 3 Weekly Reflection Various Market Structures and Characteristics The conditions for a monopolistic market are. Week 3 Reflection February 4, Shayna Patt 3 Comments This week in class, we had a guest speaker from the “Fab Lab” on the University of Illinois’ campus.

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Week three reflection
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