Why i want to become a principal

For current principals, what would you add to this list? One of the first ways I experienced this new kind of challenge was when I participated in building and district committees.

For prospective principals, how are you learning more about this great profession? If you failed to do so, however, they would choose someone else for the job. Volunteer to head a committee or spearhead a new project.

Today, as coordinator of special education services in Sacramento, California, McCarty has the opportunity to work with many principals. I am able to be a part of more learning endeavors and participate in the entire school experience with everyone in the building.

I knew that I wanted to help children and being a principal would allow me to help them in a different way. For one thing, you sure could do better in the financial realm if you were in a different profession.

By balancing class activities, group discussion, grading, and tests, teachers understand how to manage time effectively. I started to feel the urge to venture out into new territory in the latter part of my teaching career.

Lyn McCarty is a former principal.

Why do you think you can be a good assistant principal?

It Is a Change One colleague of mine described entering the principalship as taking on an entirely new profession. The rewards are numerous and exhilarating. We let them flounder and eventually fail," Shaman told Education World.

Knowing that your efforts can and do make a difference for a host of others -- from the cook to the custodian, the office support staff to the bus drivers, teachers, students, and community -- is awesome. Do I sometimes make BIG mistakes. Like other fields of service, educators are a cornerstone of any society no matter what form they take within that society.

Wyoming Why do effective teachers make effective principals? As a principal, communication and interpersonal skills are key to a rewarding and successful career in a leadership position. We have a couple of free downloads from ASCD publisher of Educational Leadership magazine about becoming a principal on our site.

He wanted to be in a position where he could ensure that nobody quit on the students in his school.

Why I Became a Principal

Teachers understand that they must never give up on a student, and must always try their hardest to help the child learn and grow. Principals should also share that feeling of perseverance with their teachers unless the teacher is simply incompetentsupporting them during challenges, discovering new and innovative teaching methods, and implementing school-wide changes despite student opposition.

One of the major job responsibilities of principals is the management of school resources. We had some great discussions about technology, kids, teaching and other parent stuff.

Try out new responsibilities where there is support and learn from the experience of others. Many of my school friends still laugh and just shake their heads. Sometimes it is a wonderful thing, like when a student tells you how much they have been influenced by you.

There will be times that you will not be leading but will be required to be a strong supporter and allow others to use their talents. Learning to admit mistakes, take time to reflect and honestly say your sorry to a child is one of the most humbling experiences I have ever had.

Why are you a principal?

Lasting change occurs when everyone has a voice and shares in its development and implementation. I am looking for a leadership role, trying to help the children to find their calling in life, and to enjoy their time at school.The degree path you must follow to become a principal depends largely on what state you live in, the job market in your area, and what schools in your area need.

To start, you need a Bachelor's degree and teaching certification. Learn how to become a school principal. Research the job description and the education and licensing requirements and find out how to start a career as a school principal. Jul 13,  · To me becoming a school principal means that I will be able to positively impact the lives of students and help teachers grow as educators within their classrooms.

9 Must-Read Tips if You Want to Become a Principal

Being a teacher is a phenomenal experience, but the number of students a teacher affects is limited to the small number who come through the doors of the classroom.5/5.

So why would someone want to become a principal? For those that are equipped to handle the day to day stresses, the challenge of running and maintaining a school can be rewarding.

There is also an upgrade in pay which is a bonus. Feb 28,  · I remain a principal because, despite some of the things that go on, I think I’m the best person for the position and I want to make a difference because, at the end of the day it’s all about what’s best for the students.

If so, perhaps it’s time to explore becoming a school principal. Shifting career tracks can mean an investment of time and money. So we’ve asked experts for advice on how make a successful transition from teacher to principal.

Why i want to become a principal
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