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There is no reason to be directly negative, and nothing good or productive will come of being that way. School reports in minutes Use our easy point and click interface to quickly write your school reports.

Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of a failing grade for example, an effective instructor will Writing school reports poor performance into an opportunity for additional learning and growth. Ros McMullen, head of David Young academy, Leeds Something happened to reports in the late s, when there was a swing towards quality control and a move to keep feedback positive.

This is especially true when it comes to report cards, which are an innovative way to get the parent involved with whatever needs the child has. It made me feel a bit noble.

A student report is completed! F grade, failing grade or equivalent: When there are areas for improvement, rather than focusing on the negative aspect, instructors can positively spin the needs of students by using the right descriptors and modifiers for each area.

Experts believe an exodus of cash-strapped middle-class parents from the private sector is also fuelling demand. Of course we put in personal comments, too. You can use what is already in the system, edit these comments to suit you or even create your own from scratch.

This teaching experience has been put to good use in terms of designing useful features. David Sillitoe for the Guardian The school report is the traditional end to the academic year. If you like Report Comment Bank you might also like.

Parents need to know things like that. Tens of thousands of year-olds missed out on their top choices as the best state schools received more than 1, applications each. Matthew Read, head of Oriel primary school in Hounslow We use Reportbox, a computer-based tool to help teachers write reports.

Report Comment Bank has been built by a teacher with 16 years in the classroom. At my school, we tend to use language like "It concerns me that x does not give full concentration in class".

Janette Wallis, of the Good Schools Guide, said: Council data shows the rejection rate is driven by competition for the best grammar schools and a new generation of academies and free schools.

School reports: could teachers do better?

Across the capital the figure was He has been a teacher for over 16 years and during that time has written thousands of student reports. They are then offered a selection of suitable stock remarks to choose from.

Susie Boyt, novelist and parent An encouraging remark from a teacher can make a huge difference to a child. Huge comment bank Everything is editable!

Write your School reports in minutes, not hours

When my first novel was published in my twenties I sent it to her with a Writing school reports reminding her of her comment, but heard nothing back, which felt strange.

He put that experience to good use while building the biggest and best school report writer on the web, saving thousands of teachers many hours at a busy time of the year. Andy Day, faculty head at a Yorkshire comprehensive At our school we used to have written reports, but they contained spelling and grammatical errors so we moved on to a tick-box-style computer programme.

It makes a lot of sense, because teachers are making their comments anyway — and instead of the old way, scribbling in the margin of an essay, you write into a website and it stays there for parents to look at. Another wrote in an online review: When I was 11 and was leaving my primary school, my headmistress, Miss Henshaw, wrote: Word toolbar Our Microsoft Word toolbar connects to our database so that you can use our comments to help you create reports right inside Word.

Point and click interface Just enter a pupil name, choose their gender and then start clicking on the comments you wish or even create your own from scratch. In Buckinghamshire — a grammar school region — Teachers are now turning their back on manually-written reports for a computer generated version Posed by model Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Save to "Quick reports" Our quick reports feature is a great way to complete a whole class very quickly.

Report cards can also show parents where room for improvement lies, as long as the report card keeps a positive spin even during negative situations.The school reports that are written by a computer and used by thousands of teachers Software, which costs up to £, writes reports in seconds One package, ReportBox, used in just under Write your School reports in minutes, not hours 75% less time spent writing School reports helps you regain your work life balance.

Parents complain that school reports are often computer-generated and impersonal – but teachers say they don't have time to write hundreds of reports. Comments I have collected over the years all in one place. I cannot take credit for them at all - they are just ones I have found on the internet and copied onto a word document.

Very helpful when writing reports! /5(). It's report card time and you face the prospect of writing constructive, insightful, and original comments on a couple dozen report cards or more. A daunting task? is an enthusiastic learner who seems to enjoy school. exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom.

appears well rested and ready for each day's activities. School Report Writer is a free online alternative to, Teachers Report Assistant, with advanced features and a huge report card comment bank.

Mac, iPAD, PC & more Our free online report writing app produces fast, accurate reports on your Apple Mac, Windows PC, iPAD or any other system with a modern web browser.

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Writing school reports
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